Tracey the business owner who sold to a bigger entity and now wants to either get out or buy more

A 45 year old fund manager with 3 children, Tracey would admit that to some extent she has had her fair share of luck.

Nigel the fund manager who wants ‘the good life’ and believes ‘you can never have enough money or status’

A 45 year old fund manager with 3 children, Nigel would admit that to some extent he has had his fair share of luck.

Paul the finance executive who thinks he’ll never create enough wealth as an employee

When Paul and Sophie first came to us, they had some fairly common concerns.

Peter a partner of a large professional services firm, can’t stand the politics of change in management

The old management of the firm has now been replaced and Peter is not keen to ‘start the politics all over again’.

Cameron the lawyer who loves triathlons and is “not prepared to sacrifice his life for money”

After changing careers and requalifying as a lawyer, Cameron joined a large firm.

Steve the Banker who’s bored with his current role and wants a new challenge

Steve works for a bank in their investment banking division and is a property specialist.