What makes us different

We will solve your most pressing financial concerns, simplify your life, save you time and you will enjoy our relationship.

We are privately owned (entirely by people who work in the firm), we have no external influence on our recommendations whatsoever, we do not accept commissions or any incentives of any kind and our loyalty and responsibility is first to our clients and then to ourselves.

Your life, and therefore your financial life planning, is so important that we focus on developing a combination of strategies based on the highest probability of delivering what’s important to you rather than a speculative approach based on opinions.

We have developed the Seantos Process, a unique proprietary process designed to put our clients in positions to make Conscious Choices about every important life decision which has a financial implication. However, each step of the process can be separated and clients are able to select the most important elements each of which has a specific output.

We are unlikely to be the most appropriate adviser for every potential client and every person who wants to be our client is unlikely to be appropriate for us. Therefore, we have designed a method for both of us to determine whether there is a strong probability of a successful relationship.

We call this our “Best Fit” process. It includes the suitability matrix, the adviser selection tool and the Best Fit Meeting. Regardless of whether we are suitable for each other, this process will greatly benefit your future adviser relationship.

We have found that clients have different views on how fees should be calculated. Some want their fees linked to the assets we are managing on their behalf, others want a fixed fee and some others want to pay for the services based on a time-based approach. Our fees are directly linked to the work undertaken and can either be time based or fixed.

Case Studies

Stories and experiences from our clients.

Tracey the business owner who sold to a bigger entity and now wants to either get out or buy more

A 45 year old fund manager with 3 children, Tracey would admit that to some extent she has had her fair share of luck.

Nigel the fund manager who wants ‘the good life’ and believes ‘you can never have enough money or status’

A 45 year old fund manager with 3 children, Nigel would admit that to some extent he has had his fair share of luck.

Paul the finance executive who thinks he’ll never create enough wealth as an employee

When Paul and Sophie first came to us, they had some fairly common concerns.

Peter a partner of a large professional services firm, can’t stand the politics of change in management

The old management of the firm has now been replaced and Peter is not keen to ‘start the politics all over again’.

Cameron the lawyer who loves triathlons and is “not prepared to sacrifice his life for money”

After changing careers and requalifying as a lawyer, Cameron joined a large firm.

Steve the Banker who’s bored with his current role and wants a new challenge

Steve works for a bank in their investment banking division and is a property specialist.

What Our Clients Say

Some of our clients share their experience.

“My husband and I were recently recommended to SentinelWealth. Rather reluctantly and approaching the situation with a ‘let’s have one more go’ attitude, we thought we’d contact Justin – the fourth financial advisor in 10 years. To our surprise, these people listened and the can-do attitude just blew us away. We have come through a process that has been enabling rather than disabling. A process that has meant that we can fulfill the dreams that someone has listened to, rather than just look at the bottom line and our pay-slip! They have even encouraged us to dream more and find a way to do the things we as a family would love to experience. It’s been an outcome that is not a one-size fits all but rather a plan that is personal and empowering…a can do plan!! For me it has been liberating to say the least…”
Trish Favretto-Dicer
Executive Coach & Principal of Wisdom in One

“Justin is that rare combination of a great financial life planner and a visionary businessman. I had the pleasure of working with him during the process of integrating his life planning skills into his unique business model at SentinelWealth. He is easy to talk with and dedicated to giving his clients the opportunity to build their own richly fulfilling life. I give him my highest recommendation if you are seeking a great financial life planning adviser!”
Sam Hull
President & Founder of Whitewater Transitions, LLC

“Before I got involved with you, I didn’t really have anyone I felt could talk to, felt confident that I could share my financial thoughts with or that I could trust enough to give me advice that was good for me, as opposed to good for the person that was giving me the advice. Which is really in the first place why I came to see you. You are my sounding board. I know that you only have my interest at heart and that every bit of advice that comes my way is not based on some commission that might be generated. I’m never thinking there is an ulterior motive to me receiving your advice.”
Stephen Leibowitz
Executive Chairman of Retail Apparel Group

“It’s the little things which continue to delight me. In fact, we were talking more about your service on the way home the other night, and how incredibly ‘personal’ or ‘individually tailored’ it seemed to us. We are enormously thankful that you guided us into ‘downsizing’ when we did. It is something we would not otherwise have done until several years too late. As it is, the timing has been perfect, and we have been incredibly fortunate in finding the ideal replacement home, where we shall be extremely comfortable. And we can see a way forward. It is all very satisfying, and we are most appreciative of what you are doing.
Michael Strickland
Semi-Retired Business Owner

“There are so many people trapped, doing effectively pretty inane, worthless jobs (but earning a lot of money doing it!)…doing it because you think you have to whereas you and the world would be a much better place if that energy and skill and talent was actually applied to improving the world and I genuinely believe that’s what Justin hopes to be able to achieve through his business.”
Steve Rogers

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