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Beliefs about Christmas and money

If the holiday season fills you with dread as financial conversations emerge with well-meaning family, there is a way to make those moments more interesting, and less challenging. It comes back to understanding what someone’s money beliefs are. I caught a taxi recently and as we started driving we encountered a traffic jam. “I hate […]

How old are you as an investor?

Watching television recently, I learned about something called ‘the phenotypic age’. Apparently, it’s the physical age of the body, not the chronological age. It’s the age at which your body is functioning. Some people are unfortunate to have prematurely ageing bodies, and others are lucky. Some work on their bodies to keep them growing and others […]

Aviate, Navigate, Communicate

Soon after I got my private pilot’s license, I subscribed to a monthly publication that outlined aviation incidents and accidents. I initially read them as a dutiful new pilot, but soon it was more for the incredulous stories. Most loss is caused by human error and most human errors are the result of stupidity, not […]

The October Effect

Is the ‘October Effect’ real? The human mind is the biggest obstacle to on-going, long-term successful investing. It’s a phenomenon that impacts not one investor, but many, all across the world — for an entire month. Welcome to the ‘October Effect’. It’s been another volatile October! What is it about October over all other months? […]

Hot Days Lead to Bad Decisions

Awareness around factors that lead to bad decisions can help investors remain cool when markets heat up. As we move into summer, we are starting to experience some very hot days. Anecdotally, everyone knows that we all get a little more cranky in the heat — but there has been much research on the topic. […]

The Compounding Effect Of Fear

  During British colonial rule in India, the government began to worry about the number of deaths caused by wild animals and in particular, venomous snakes. The government of the day decided to solve the problem by offering a reward for every cobra brought in to be killed. Indian citizens didn’t take long to take […]


As the US investigates the recent pipe bombs being sent around their country, the authorities are reminding US citizens that “terror only works if you let it work”. At the same time, the stock markets worldwide are more volatile than for a few years and the media reports, although mostly factual, can cause unnecessary alarm […]

Every Asset Needs a Purpose

I have a friend who is a very good golfer and at one time was the distribution manager for McGregor golf equipment. He absolutely loved the game and golf equipment, and we had a lot of fun as golf partners. After going to a golf equipment convention in the USA, he came back with the […]

Rules of Thumb are Sometimes Dumb

Justin Hooper conveys ‘the importance of personalising rules of thumb’ I was reading an article this week about how much retirees need relative to their previous earnings. According to the article, the right amount is 70-80% of pre-retirement income. It’s not the first time this number has been used – but is it correct, and where […]

The Science & Art of Investing

Sending a man-made satellite to the sun is far more predictable than investing.  The uncertainty brought about by the behaviour of investors makes investment outcomes imprecise but not necessarily less successful.   In May last year I was lucky to visit NASA in Silicon Valley, so I was particularly interested to see the details of its […]