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Goal setting in a world of meaning

 Setting goals is all very well, but goals without a purpose will perpetuate the cycle of need and greed. At the start of every new year, attention is often paid to setting new goals. It’s during this time that money and materialism are most prevalent. For some, goal-setting is about continual growth and striving to be better. For others, it’s […]

When the swell is up, opportunities emerge

As most people make their way to work while enduring their commute, I have the privilege of enjoying one of the world’s greatest commutes – Manly to Sydney city via the fast ferry. I’ve seen whales and dolphins, but the scenery alone is amazing. I usually catch the fast ferry which is a high-powered catamaran and creates a pretty […]

My biggest learnings from 2018

As the great and wise Dr. Seuss said, “The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” As humans and as advisers we need to continually learn and grow. If we don’t, we stay in the same place for years and stagnate. You’re growing, or you’re going.   2018 feels like it has been a particularly strong ‘growth’ year. It’s been one […]

Beliefs about Christmas and money

If the holiday season fills you with dread as financial conversations emerge with well-meaning family, there is a way to make those moments more interesting, and less challenging. It comes back to understanding what someone’s money beliefs are. I caught a taxi recently and as we started driving we encountered a traffic jam. “I hate […]