AFR – Lawyer trapped in spiral of hard work and high spending

Alan 44, is a partner in a law firm earning more than $750,000 a year. His wife, Sarah, is the chief carer of their three children, aged 10 to 15.

AFR – Financial services chief too much debt not enough assets

Peter is 55 and a financial services executive, earning $320,000 a year. Most of his assets lie in superannuation and the family home.

AFR – Unlocking your wealth potential

Until last year marketing dynamo Sharon Williams was pretty casual about money – she’d run her own business for 18 years.

AFR – Know what you’re getting

Investors should be aware of conflicts including sales incentives and ownership of dealer groups by product manufacturers when choosing a financial planner.

AFR – Choose your financial planner wisely

Many financial planners have ended conflicted remuneration practices as the deadline for the Future of Financial Advice reforms draws near.