AFR – What sharemarket investors should do with their dividend payments

Sharemarket investors are about to receive their half-yearly dividend pay checks and advisers are telling them to cash out of the uncertain market, rather than reinvest.

AFR – How to budget with kids

Ask almost any new parent what comes to mind when they think of their young kids, and they’ll light up and talk about the joy parenthood has brought to their life.

AFR – The age to let your family into your finances

Watching your parents age – or getting old yourself – is frightening on many fronts.

AFR – Lawyer trapped in spiral of hard work and high spending

Alan 44, is a partner in a law firm earning more than $750,000 a year. His wife, Sarah, is the chief carer of their three children, aged 10 to 15.

AFR – Financial services chief too much debt not enough assets

Peter is 55 and a financial services executive, earning $320,000 a year. Most of his assets lie in superannuation and the family home.

AFR – Unlocking your wealth potential

Until last year marketing dynamo Sharon Williams was pretty casual about money – she’d run her own business for 18 years.

AFR – Know what you’re getting

Investors should be aware of conflicts including sales incentives and ownership of dealer groups by product manufacturers when choosing a financial planner.

AFR – Choose your financial planner wisely

Many financial planners have ended conflicted remuneration practices as the deadline for the Future of Financial Advice reforms draws near.