Money and meaning are both important

Some believe that money leads to happiness; others that only spirituality is important. Both will have a crisis at some point. Money is necessary but not important.

Our Vision

SentinelWealth is the culmination of many years of life and financial experience. The founders have many years of experience dealing with clients through a number of extreme market conditions and under both small privately owned firms and large institutions.

As the changes have occurred in the financial planning industry, so the founders evolved their own way of thinking about the way in which financial planning should be done.

“We set out to create a service that would surprise and empower our clients – a service that is wonderful value-for-money and would be competitive to anything in the world. Simply, we set out to create a service that one day would revolutionise the standard of personal financial advice and ultimately be a legacy for the team that created it.”

Our Journey

In December 2004, with his partner Bob White, Justin Hooper founded SentinelWealth, the culmination of a long held dream. Together they bring a wealth of expertise and experience to the new company and an impressive background working for major institutions from AMP to reputable financial planning companies such as ipac Securities. They are joined by a dynamic team who work with robust diagnostic processes and sound industry knowledge, to create a compelling financial planning and management service.

SentinelWealth is privately owned, completely free of any conflicts of interest, and has a wealth strategy team whose entire existence is based on its ability to help clients optimise their wealth.

SentinelWealth plays an active role in study groups both in Australia and internationally. We frequently attend conferences and training in the USA and have established relationships with some of the most reputable planning and wealth management firms in the USA, New Zealand, the UK and South Africa.

This provides us with access to a significant number of other thinkers and allows us to quickly gauge the best and most appropriate strategies at any time. Highest on our list of concerns is the management of risk.

As a result, we do not take discretionary mandates and at no time accept client investment funds into our bank account.

The Advisory Team

What you will find in the Team at SentinelWealth is not only a detailed technical background and understanding, not only a strong service culture, but also an intense desire to make the world a better place by transforming the role of money.

Justin Hooper

Justin Hooper

Managing Director, Financial Strategist, Speaker, Author

Over the past 30 years, Justin has advised over 2000 clients most of whom are financially successful. Through his non-judgmental, caring approach, he has been able to make a significant difference to most regardless of their situation.

Gavin Fineff

Gavin Fineff

Senior Financial Planner

Gavin is a Financial Planner at SentinelWealth and also lends his technical expertise to the team by investigating strategic opportunities and areas of improvement for clients.

Adam Faulkner

Adam Faulkner

Senior Financial Planner

Adam has worked in the financial industry for over ten years. Adam understands the importance of enforcing new habits and providing structure with wealth management cash-flows.

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