Juliet Archer

Juliet Archer

Senior Financial Planner

MFinPlan, CFP®, FASEA Exam Standard Certified

Juliet is the most recent addition to SentinelWealth’s elite advice team. She brings with her significant financial services experience, beginning her career as a Financial Planner in 2000. 

Through her experience, Juliet’s refined skills and knowledge have enabled her to become proficient at solving problems and helping clients achieve what is most important to them. Her extensive career has enabled her to assist the clients of major banks, a large super fund and a boutique practice.


She is qualified as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) with a Masters in Financial Planning and FASEA certification. She was recently nominated Planner of the Year ahead of 200 peers, attesting to her passion in providing exceptional advice. In particular Juliet is a specialist in complex retirement strategies, government pensions, and helping clients navigate life through marital settlements.


“My motivation as a financial planner is to be a trusted guide for my clients, a reliable source of information and advice. I love helping clients achieve their personal and financial goals, to assist them see what is truly possible.” 


Juliet’s idyllic upbringing in a small rural town in far North West NSW is far removed from the city person she is at heart. Exploring the world, dabbling in fine arts and supporting her football team are among her passions outside of work. Husband Stuart, her two children and extended family make for a busy life.