Adam Faulkner

Senior Financial Planner

BCom AdvDipFS(FP)

Adam has worked in the financial industry for over ten years, starting his career in Melbourne and moving to Sydney. Prior to his career in finance, he was involved in project management for the urban regeneration of housing in London and within the agricultural industry.

Before joining SentinelWealth Adam provided medical professionals with financial advice, specifically for those who were still in training. In addition, he provided advice for both pre and post retirees who were looking to strategically optimise their financial position. As he has worked with individuals at every stage of life, regardless of age or employment status, Adam understands the importance of enforcing new habits and providing structure with wealth management cash-flows.

His calm, practical approach is particularly valuable for new clients. Adam has a cautious approach to risk and remains consistent in the advice he provides. His patient, supporting nature is a relatable attribute and the reason why Adam has fast become a popular adviser at SentinelWealth. He communicates technical or complex matters in a simplistic manner, making financial planning an approachable topic.

Adam is receptive to the need of his client, ensuring an optimal solution is selected based on the individual’s circumstances. Adam enjoys building successful long-term relationships with his clients and sharing in their enthusiasm for the future.